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Ma​craMade By Melanie

About Us

Melanie Higgins is a fiber artist currently working and living in Merritt Island, FL. She is the owner and creator of MacraMade By Melanie. Her business specializes in modern macrame displays for shops and designers, customized backdrops for special events, and decorative and functional pieces for the home. Every single piece is handmade with care using only natural fibers and materials sourced in the US. Her designs use traditional macrame techniques to create unique and modern works that differ from styles of the past.

She continually supports local artists and small businesses and strives to share her love of macrame through teaching workshops and participating in markets in her community.

Materials Used

We only use 100% natural cotton cord sourced in the U.S. 

All birch sticks are hand chosen by Melanie and our driftwood is sourced from local islands/beaches around Merritt Island, FL. During the design process you will be able to pick which birch stick/driftwood/natural branch you'd like for your piece from what is available in inventory. You may also provide your own if you'd like! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I must say this was one of my most favorite pieces of my wedding. Melanie did an amazing job on my macrame for my wedding, even down to the small details its was absolutely beautiful! I cant speak enough to how amazing she was to work with and how she made my ideas come to life. She is a very kind and talented person and I will definitely buy another piece from her!"

Shannon Sforza - Facebook Review

"Melanie is the sweetest most beautiful person inside and out, her beauty and kind heart radiate through her work. I am so thankful I found her and she was able to make a masterpiece for my wedding. The piece made my wedding, I didn’t quite know exactly what I wanted but I knew it had to fit in a doorway but I also wanted to hang it on my wall when we were done with the wedding so I gave her the measurements and asked her to just do what she does best and boy did she ever! I am so excited to have this piece as a keepsake to hang in my home forever. If you have the chances to own one of her creations or work with her to design a piece for a special event DO NOT hesitate. She is simply AMAZING! 💕"

Kayla Pollock - Facebook Review

"Melanie is AH MAZING! I love my new wall hanging. I threw all my crazy ideas and thoughts and she took the time to get it right ad make sure it comes out beautiful."

Alexandra Budd - Facebook Review